We offer a wide variety of post-production services to meet your every need be they large or small.


Color Correction

Color correction is at the heart of every post-production project. We take care of the entire process, from conform to export, creating the right look for your production.

  • 4K State-of-the-art lossless color grading
  • Color management, delivery and quality control
  • Creation of LUT for principal photography
  • Image clean-up and restoration

Online Editing

The Online is the moment when everything comes together: the image, the sound, the color, the music, the VFX, the credits, etc. We bring your vision to life and then strike the Digital Source Master (DSM)

  • DSM, Mezzanine files and DCDM Creation
  • Muxing, packaging and versionning
  • Complete subtitle integration services

Offline Editing

Editing brings you back to the drawing board. After spending so much energy during the shoot, we offer both the services of highly-skilled editors and a great work environment that stimulates creativity.

  • All standard platforms supported (Adobe, AVID, Apple)
  • Integration into our high-end systems for on-the-go tweaks and tests
  • Flexible workstations, capable of working in 4K

Media Creation

We strive to provide the highest quality files. Whether it is a DCP meant for the big screen, or a H.264 for your Instagram promotional campaign; we deliver peace of mind, no matter how many versions you need.

  • H264 and H265 web optimized deliverables
  • Export and deliveries in any file format required
  • Delivery of broadcast standardized files
  • DCP creation

Post-Production Supervision

Since we always keep a global outlook on each project, we understand the importance of designing and maintaining a strict workflow that makes for a smooth operation.

  • Global post-production strategy development
  • Consultation and on-demand expert advice
  • Problem solving with an open-mind approach

Our platform OPM.LIVE

OPM.LIVE is a professional live streaming service for high-quality video, enabling real-time collaboration during post-production image sessions for television, film or advertising projects.