Vincent d'Amérique


Infos & Credits

September 10th 2019   
Vincent d’Amerique apparel partnered with MMA legend Goerges Saint-Pierre to bring us this series of ads for their latest line of men’s clothing.

We have been working on our own homemade Kodak film emulation LUTs for the past few years. While we had our Fuji Film LUTs up and running for quite some time, our Kodak LUTs were never ready to be used in a production environment. This project had all the right elements in it to give our Kodak a real-life test. 

The ads had earthy tones in the art direction, blue flares from the anamorphic lenses, high highlights, and deep blacks; all perfect extremes for testing the limits of the LUT. 

We were lucky enough to get the footage for the project in advance. This allowed us to test out the first iteration of the Kodak LUT before needing to present anything to the client. We knew that if a LUT was tailored to a specific footage type it would not be an effective tool to be used on a daily basis. Our LUTs were created using charts and graphs this can only bring you so far. 

After testing the LUTs on the real word footage, it immediately became apparent that the fall-offs on both the high and low end of the luminance curves were not realistic. We had to make adjustments to the LUT file and smooth out the curve so that the luminance would roll off and clip nicely.  

The final campaign is available now on their website and on many popular streaming platforms!

Director Of Photography
Vincent Gonneveille

Martin Gaumond

Simon Allard

Technical specifications

  • Location
  • Shot On
    Arri Alexa Mini
  • Recording Format
    PRORES4444 3.2K
  • Conformed
    Flame - 4K DPX 10bit
  • Graded
    Davinci Resolve 15
  • Finished
    Autodesk Flame
  • Delivery Format
    ProRes 4444 10bit UHD