Sheertex - Of Resilience

Sheertex - Of Resilience

Infos & Crédits

In close collaboration with L’Eloi and director Camille Boyer, the making of this short film was delightful. With movement director Chad E. and dancer Daria Mikhaylyuk, the audience can feel the power of movement in all its intimacy. Sheertex wanted to portray the fabric in its most vulnerable way, being stretched, tensed and worn. Not only does it portray the powerful product, it reveals a closeness with the dancer. It explores the flexibility and strength of the dancer and the tight.

The color process of this project was to embrace the natural tones of the Livart, a wide space located in Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal, and to pop the accessories, outfits and decor. This way the more subtle parts would compose well with the higher saturated colors. With many experiments on how to harmonize both tones, the team arrived at a perfect level of balanced saturation and contrast.

Production Company

Camille Boyer

Director Of Photography
Ménad Kesraoui

Beatrice Tremblay