Charlotte Cardin - "Paradise Motion"

Charlotte Cardin - "Paradise Motion"

Infos & Credits

March 6th 2018
Mixing film and digital mediums and trying to make them blend is quite the challenge, especially when looking at 16mm film and Arri Alexa footage. Both are on quite different levels. For Paradise "Motion" we tried to make both mediums meet somewhere in the middle. By adding a fine sharp grain to the 16mm we were able to increase the perceived resolution and detail in the 16mm film to give it a slightly more defined texture. We treated the Alexa footage with the opposite approach. Adding a bit of diffusion and lens blurs to the fine details allowed us to reduce the resolution just enough. We then re-grained the image.

The process is in perpetual refinement but it does seem to have promising potential.

Production Company
Cult Nation

Sébastien Duguay

Director fo Photography
Sébastien Duguay

Alexandre Pelletier

Martin Gaumond

Technical specifications

  • Locations
    Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans
  • Shot On
    Alexa Mini, Bolex
  • Recording Format
    2k Prores, 16mm HD Telecine
  • Conformed
    Autodesk Flame - 2K DPX Sequence
  • Graded
    Davinci Resolve
  • Finished
    Autodesk Flame - PR444
  • Delivery Format
    2K 16:9