Microsoft Flip

Microsoft Flip

Infos & Crédits

This project was a fun and highly collaborative project. With heavy motion graphics, the workflow was thought of before starting the process for color and online editing. Since the team is working in an Aces workflow, we tested out outputs and made sure that everything followed, to ensure consistency and tackle problems before beginning.

The high saturation and clean aesthetic allowed a lot of creativity in the color process. All vignettes have their own look and their own mood, but the saturation levels remain constant to ensure consistency.

The motion design was incorporated after all the color grading and online editing, we delivered each separate shot with handles to the motion designers so they could have all they needed to complete the compositions.

Production Company

LM Chabot

Director Of Photography
Ménad Kesraoui

Beatrice Tremblay

Simon Allard

Motion Design
Mat & Fab